welcome to the city of bright yellow icicles hanging from the rooftop

hey jackieee hey jackiiieee \StageDirection{They have dumb american accents}

It’s been two weeks man you’ve been gone for two weeks I don’t know what I am supposed to do man stay the hell out of there man I don’t need this.

get out of here

I’ve been llooking again I don’t know about this it’s about time it’s summoning itself

all the forces i need a

no hell no hell no man look at the capital city all day


hey hey hey h get onto the hill




Divination via Bag of Divine Weirds

Welcome my friends to the bag of weirdology.

Inside this bag we in fact have four (4) different weirds of different nature. There is a green weird which comes out of the sands, and the grey weird that comes out of the walls of the bag itself because the bag is made from a human stomach organ, and then who can forget the pink weird which comes out of the pink pillars that are on top of the clouds, and then finally we have the red weird that comes out of the under water caves.

Once the weirds are placed inside the bag then it must be sealed up with ligament.

Then, we must shake up the bag and have a think of the things we are looking out for. Ok once that it is done the weirds must fight within the bag. This is where the divine forces come to the play.

We know which weird has one becuase it is whichever substance emerges first from the back after it has been beaten about. If it has been thoroughly beaten and nothing has come, then the grey weird has succeeded.

If the pink weird succeeds then this means that you must go ahead with the plan. If the red/black weird succeeds then it means it is time to fuck. if the grey weird succeeds then it means you must be careful. and if the green weird succeeds then it means your question is gay.

I hope that this information is helpful to you, my friends.

The Dany Burton World Trip is coming BACK

Greetings and a delight to my guests. you might have noticed if you are sharp eyed that he dany burton world trip went silent for 4 (four) years recently. Well,,,,, IT IS COMING BACK



First Stop:::: on top of the clouds the pink pillars made of flakes. Hell yeah, from here we will survey the world and see where the next stop needs to be made. I am very pleased.

Once we are up there then that is when the flood gates open up and the blood comes out hell yes the blood will shoot out onto the earth and all kinds of beautiful goblins will spring right up out of my blood I have so much blood and it is all saved up for you to enjoy this is going to be the most powerful event in human history since the invention of poker machines.

The World Trip Begins!! Q!! !!

Welcome to me, i am dany burton and today I began my world trip.

On this auspicious day I visited upon Mr Smith and Mr Tanaka in Japan.
I also met Mr Smith’s dog who I now love very dearly

I shall be singing a lovely song of Mr smith’s dog in the nearest future, perhaps in his native tongues.

Prepreare yourselves, for i will visit more realms and love more dogs anon!!!


if you have been paying a fine detail of attention you will understand that I am a wizard. Wizards are dying out because they are attacked by all parts of the general public but it is because of the witches and the night weirds that nobody cen seen except for me and the other wizards so you need to look out if you want to be a wizards because the dangers are so numerous let me tell you about the cicada, it is really an alien but we call it the cicada because it looks like a cicada and it speaks liek one tooo.

when you can read the book written by the cicada then you are ready to become a wizard and kill witches and master night weirds.