The World Trip Begins!! Q!! !!

Welcome to me, i am dany burton and today I began my world trip.

On this auspicious day I visited upon Mr Smith and Mr Tanaka in Japan.
I also met Mr Smith’s dog who I now love very dearly

I shall be singing a lovely song of Mr smith’s dog in the nearest future, perhaps in his native tongues.

Prepreare yourselves, for i will visit more realms and love more dogs anon!!!



if you have been paying a fine detail of attention you will understand that I am a wizard. Wizards are dying out because they are attacked by all parts of the general public but it is because of the witches and the night weirds that nobody cen seen except for me and the other wizards so you need to look out if you want to be a wizards because the dangers are so numerous let me tell you about the cicada, it is really an alien but we call it the cicada because it looks like a cicada and it speaks liek one tooo.

when you can read the book written by the cicada then you are ready to become a wizard and kill witches and master night weirds.